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Well, I guess we all knew that one day it would happen. After 27 years of being the Queen of the skies, my absolute favourite aircraft of all time has finally retired. I'm one of the lucky ones. When BA announced all those special fares back in April 2003 I managed to bag a one way trip from JFK to Heathrow. It may not have been my preferred option of flying to New York on Concorde, but what the hell. Ever since I first set eyes those beautiful Delta wings in the late 1970s, it had always been my life's ambition to fly on her. And on 14th June 2003, I managed to do just that -  trip report (photos to follow).

So flying on Concorde is one of the coolest aviation things I've ever done, but simply watching Concorde take-off or land offered much better value for money!. It was so great, that I got hooked. In the summer of 2003 I went down to Heathrow as often as possible to capture images of this most awesome of machines...


Here's a few videos were shot last Summer - the final summer of BA Concorde operations. All are MPEG or WMA files to save space. Click on the link to download a zip file which contains the videos:


Concorde Take-Off, LHR 27L, 5/10/03

(3.5Mb, MPG / Zipped, 1min)

Concorde Take-Off, LHR 09R, 27/9/03

(7.2Mb, WMA / Zipped, 2:04)

Concorde Take-Off, LHR 27L, 7/9/03

(5.5Mb, WMA / Zipped, 1:38)

Concorde from the Renaissance Hotel

t/o, 09L, 24/8/03. (1.7mb MPEG1 Zipped, 45 secs)

Concorde Landing @ LHR, 09L, 17/8/03

(3mb, MPEG1 Zipped, 1 min)

  Concorde "Sideways"  Approach, 27L, 19/7/03

(1mb, WMA / Zipped, 29 secs)

 Concorde Takeoff @ LHR, 09L, 21/6/03

(2.7mb, MPG / Zipped, 40 secs)

Concorde Landing @ LHR, 09L, 21/6/03

(2.3mb, WMA / Zipped, 45 secs)




Quick Concorde link: For more info on Concorde, check out the essential ConcordeSST site.



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